“Having discovered the passion of cheese making, I want to know how to make the best cheese possible and whenever I have a free minute I devour traditional cheese making recipe books, anything to do with cheese. That really fascinates me. I always want to stay on top of the game.”

Biagio Bongiovanni

Our Story

We are a small family owned cheese making business based in Melbourne, Australia.

At Nonna Sofia we love making the best and freshest tasting cheese.

We are proud in creating the very highest quality cheese possible using the finest and freshest ingredients as close to the traditional taste as possible.

Nonna Sofia came about with a vision and a dream of its founder Biagio. After working in the cheese making industry for many years and becoming well known as a ricotta expert and helping start up other business ventures, Biagio had a vision to make the best cheese possible according to tradition, as close to the original taste as possible and with a dream that it would be the best cheese made with passion and soul. From that vision and dream Nonna Sofia, the cheese company was born.

In a few short years the business has grown from strength to strength and it is fast making a name for itself in the industry for the quality and taste of its products.

The success of the business lies in the commitment and the hard work that Biagio and his wife Sophia put into it every day, six days a week. They are passionate about creating cheese of the highest quality using the best and freshest ingredients sourced as locally as possible.

The name Nonna Sofia

Choosing the name Nonna Sofia was an easy decision for Biagio. Sofia is the name of his late mother and Biagio had always known if he would own a business it would be named in the honour of his mother.

His mother believed in him unquestionably and that he could achieve anything he wanted to in his life. Biagio was raised in a hardworking family. He was taught the value of work from a very young age. He began working in a factory as soon as he arrived in Australia at the tender age of 13 to help out his parents with their finances.

The value of hard work that his parents instilled in him has made him the hardworking man he is today and Biagio believes it is because of his mother that he is still working and still passionate about the things that he loves to do and achieve. He is happy that he was able to share the news of him starting his own cheese making business with his mother before she passed away and was able to tell her that he would name his business Nonna Sofia, after her.


About the cheesemaker

Biagio Bongiovanni is the name behind Nonna Sofia. Biagio immigrated to Australia from Italy as a young teenager in the 1962 with his family.

He did not grow up in a cheese making family and neither did his family own a farm back in Italy but he remembers very vividly a time, when at the age of five or six he used to watch his neighbour, a shepherd, in the small village of Sortino, making cheese in the front room of his house. He still remembers the small room black with smoke and his neighbour’s arms pushing the curds in the hoop. His neighbour used to make fresh ricotta and that was when he believes the taste and the desire to make the best and the lightest and creamiest ricotta possible stuck in his mind.

When Biagio arrived in Australia, the Australian taste for cheese in the 60’s and 70’s was not very developed and it was hard to find even good basic Italian or Greek cheese like mozzarella, ricotta, pecorino cheese, and since a young age he wanted to recreate the traditional taste of Italian and Greek cheese that he remembered from his childhood.

For many years Biagio worked in different jobs and then went into a cheese making venture with a business partner. He soon became known in the industry as the ricotta expert and finally after working in partnerships with other cheesemakers he decided to go his own way.

Now in his 60s when many people his age are thinking of retiring, Biagio is still dreaming of how to keep on making the best cheese possible.